06 July 2014

A Musing on the Blessings (hopefully) of Hardship, and search for Community

I am very appreciative that, when I was 24 years old, Susun Weed had ASKED me to apply for the scholarship for women of color and come apprentice with her, which I did over the summer of my 25th birthday. ONE of the important lessons I learned was the POWER and Importance of the words, "I HEAR YOU" And not just saying them, but REALLY Hearing, some call it Deep Listening.


Human beings go through a gamut of experiences while incarnated- there is pain and loss, elation and joy- and you know what? NONE of it is "Wrong"- GROWTH is a PROCESS, and the Wise Woman does not seek or attempt to fade or fix the pain that another may be going through on their growth journey.


But to lend an ear, to be an impartial Witness to another's rage, tears, anguish- without shirking away, without running to hide, to stand with a Kindred in the fierceness of that transformative fire and not be burned, and say, "I Hear You. I See You. I can't change this for you, but I am Here. I am Present."  I have been this person. People have been this person for me.


And then, sometimes, there is someone, or someones, who have been in your experience, who are now at a higher plateau, who not only say, "I Hear You." They say, "Take My Hand. I Will Guide You to the Next Threshold." And you go, and at the point of crossing, you let go of the helping hand and you Cross to the next level. I have been this person too. And people have been this person for me.


Today, not for the first time mind you, I realize that I am NOT going to be perfect, though I am pretty God-Blessed GOOD. I have a lot of Light and Love that moves through me unto the world. But, I also have pain and darkness because I am Human. I do not mind sharing my vulnerability, for there is truly no human, nor dark soul who can hurt me. But it is in this sharing, this baring of truth, that all of can feel more comfortable with the warts (ie- darkness, negativity, depression, sadness, imperfection, etc.), even while we are applying the soothing balm of healing medicine to them…


I have been a very solitary being all of my life, never the one to run with a crowd. I cherish my alone time, and I tend to need a lot of it, for I seem to spend the bulk of my days in some sort of meditation or prayerful state. BUT the events of this life over the past year have shook me down, shook loose so much- if not all- of the structures by which I have been living my life. And in the way that is the Universe/Life- I am being TOLD that it is Time to get out of this cave, be brave, and Ask, instead of being afraid of being hurt (as I have been again and again in my pre SR past), or not wanting to risk being vulnerable- for Spirit is ALWAYS here no matter what- and this Awakening into the NEED for Community to get on Together, even as small clusters of Soul Families and Like-Souled-Minded Individuals, is GLOBAL. It is the Future of Humanity. We are the pioneers taking those tentative steps forward, and many steps back, like a toddler learning to be confident with the new skill of Walking. This is the Mandate of the Soul of the World Herself. And I, one of her Sister/daughters, even in my tiny human, yet Vast Eternal Beingness, AM indeed one of these “toddlers” trying to take these new steps.

Community does not mean at all that anyone is going to be robbed of their individuality, or individual needs or expression. It is a coming together, in non-judgmental support of Others, be they others with whom we feel resonance are to whom are drawn, and even those with whom we share nothing except the Planet.


A Musing on the Blessings (hopefully) of Hardship, and search for Community

-Rev. Ursula Carrie

01 May 2014

* Donation * option available * Now *

Dear Friends,
This is to notify you all that
I have added a Donation option to the Order page.
I know very well that those who are the most in need of this Healing via one's Soul Record are very often the ones who do not currently have the financial affluence to do so at this time.

I look around the Web at many sites of people who are also Healers, Channelers, Counselors and the like and I am continually astonished at what I read- the prices that are being charged to be of Service to Humanity with these Gifts at this time. Because, yes, I too often think that I would, at times, like to seek the assistance of another who has gifts like mine, perhaps in another format, sometimes if even to hear what I have already Known and Perceived, through the lens of Another...

I have gone around about this ever since I completed my training as a Soul Realignment practitioner. One is encouraged to charge a fee that is in Alignment with the feelings of Self-Respect and Self-Worth one feels about their Value, their Service, their Work. We, generally speaking, as "healers" are encouraged to not shy away from the business aspect of offering our services to Humanity. (Just like visual artists are encouraged nowadays to "market" their art.) We are encouraged by so many in this field to be able to "make a living" from the gifts we bring as individuals. That is all fine and good and makes sense in one aspect.

I however have "Been There, Done That", not in this Current Lifetime, but most immediately in the Lifetime that Preceeded this one.

I have actually spent several YEARS, now, with this one, going back and forth about my role as a Server/Lightworker/Wayshower, weighing it with the issues that I fully remember, that had come with me into this Lifetime from the one just previous... It has been quite a journey.

So what do I know at this point? That-

The more people, the more SOULS, who are released from the turmoil and negativity of the Blocks and Restrictions that haunt them now from Past Lifetimes, the better off ALL Sentient Life on this Beloved Planet will be.

I have seen some healers/channelers charging as much as $349! for one hour of a reading session, and I think, "What good is that?" One hour isn't very much time to delve into issues that may extend back as much as dozens of Lifetimes!

What I absolutely LOVE and am so Thankful for, having been Guided into taking the course after I experienced my own Soul Realignment is this:

The new Freedom that I Experienced after a Negative Entity Attachment, one that was reattaching every time I incarnated, over many Lifetimes- was FINALLY GONE! After the Etheric Implant that I'd consented to receive many, many Lifetimes ago, which was also creating havoc with my abilities to exercise my FREE WILL and CHOOSE- was GONE!

I have had Clients who had been experiencing so much turmoil and difficulties in their Lives, because they were unknowingly (though in a part of their Being, they "knew"), unwillingly, sharing their Physical Body with a Negative Soul, who had tried to hijack the body completely at the time of their first breath. And that Negative Soul was now GONE! (This is called Soul Shifting)

Others had Negative Guides on their Spirit Guide Team, that they had hired, even though it was done at the Soul's level, it had occurred when the Client was experiencing a very traumatic time in their young life, and it was in their vulnerable state that a negative soul was able to dupe them into taking that Negative soul onto their Guide Team. What happened to that "Negative Guide"? GONE!

The 21 day Cleansing prayer process, assigned as the "optional" homework for the Client, however, I greatly encourage- as we do have the Free Will to choose- is essential to get the Conscious Mind involved and Synched up with the Subconscious. The Conscious Mind announces the Intention and then releases this Intention to the Subconscious, which is our direct link to the Universal Mind.

(That is about "manifestation" into the physical reality, although connected to this subject matter, is not the "subject" of this post...)

Then, of course Begins, in these Endings, a process of Healing that takes however long it takes to reclaim one's life, to understand how these Negative influences formed and shaped the choices that one made during this Lifetime. For people like me, meaning for those who have Recall of Past Incarnations, there is also the process of understanding how the many experiences of many Lifetimes have all Culminated into this Present Moment, and to send these Waves of Healing, of Higher Love, of Truth, Understanding and Compassion throughout the Time Continuum to ALL of Our-Selves, in each and every Lifetime, including this Present... We have always been Our Selves, our True Being of Eternal Love and Light, no matter what Forms we have chosen to take and experiment with on Earth- on any other World for that matter!

So, then, now on this Path of Greater Light, we may find ourselves, in a sigh of relief, evolving into the Truth of Who We Really Are, unto the Path of the Highest Purpose of our Soul's Evolution. I am not saying that any of it is a "piece of cake" (we still experiences the challenges inherent in the growth process in a world of duality) but it is quite sweet!
And it does get easier...

In these Times of Great Change upon this Planet Earth, as more Beings are able to Shift into this Greater Awareness of Spirit...

* That is GOOD NEWS for EVERYONE *

~ the beautiful Wildlife that we were meant to live with in Harmony and Respect, the Plants, the Waters, the very Air that we Breathe...

The ripple effects of this transformation
into the Light-ness of Being
are felt throughout the Universes!

In Service,
with Blessings and Love,

10 December 2013

today's facebook post

Well, I don't fall asleep before Dawn. This week I made a decision to accept it, because I've been fighting it, because society deems it "un-normal" to be awake at night. And I have been bringing my heart much turmoil and pain over this.  I made an agreement with myself to just get up and dig into the manual from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. Some of my friends and loved ones poke fun at me because I have had to let go of being regimented to schedules and activities that don't feel joyful to me. Some people call it living on "Indian Time", but all that means is having the courage to go against the streams of mass consciousness conditioning in order to follow the voice of real Truth- One's Own Heart... And I do not feel very courageous, or even Inspired, lately... Because this, for me is an arduous process of letting go of an old life that is no longer who I Am, who I have always been destined to Become- because it has always been my Soul's Plan. I KNEW, in 2010- when I had my Soul Realignment done, when I "lost" my job of 11 years, when I was guided to become an Akashic Records reader myself, when Carla T. Smith was diagnosed with the brain tumor and I made a Commitment to either see her into full recovery or to see her unto her Transition into Spirit (which I did- literally- at her bedside)- that she was the last vestige of True, Heart based Connections with humans here in this area... I also had a deep knowing that all of these deaths- even moving from the apartment where we had lived for my son's entire life up till 2011- would be moving me in that direction, that it was Time for me to do what I committed to do when this Time in my physical Journey came... I did a reading exchange with Kaypacha (the YT astrologer that I post here sometimes)- My astrology chart says that I am coming to the End of a 14 Year Cycle and Big Changes are digging on down in- April/May 2014 I am to expect some deep change- and this will be grinding on through, like a Spiritual Dredging and Cleanse until September 2015- One year and a half to set me on a new path... Even though, Intuitively, I knew that all of this was coming, since years ago- I am still in denial, feel frozen in my movements while I see what is happening... And still I Know what I must do, what my Heart, my Gut has been alluding to for several years, now... And there is only me and I who can fund the courage to go forward, and leave what must be left to be absorbed by The All, in Love and Light... My son, who swears he doesn't listen to the Abraham when I have it playing, keeps telling me, "Mom, you HAVE to do what feels good! Just stop doing the dishes and all that stuff and just play a game or something..." Or he'll say, "Mom, follow your gut." when I feel badly about not doing an activity that I "think I should" do... Ah... these "little" reminders...I feel like I should "hold on"- to my hats? to my seat? I don't know, but I'm guessing that it's not "to the past"... F#*K- transition, transformation- so far it does not "tickle"... But I'm sure SOME-Being is chuckling... XoXo Love <3 p="">